Infrequent Lottery Player Hits Mega Millions for $30,000

“Miss Blue Moon” doesn’t play Maryland Lottery games as often as her fiancé, but she was the one who hit for $30,000 in the Dec. 4 drawing.

‘Miss Blue Moon’ boosts her prize threefold with Megaplier option

A northern Maryland resident who plays Maryland Lottery games so infrequently she goes by the name “Miss Blue Moon” just captured a Mega Millions surprise. By comparison, her fiancé  is a regular player who researches his scratch-off selections on the Lottery website to determine how many top prizes are still out.
In the nine years they have been together, her future husband has won small amounts a few times. This lucky lady bought a Mega Millions ticket for the Dec. 4 drawing that hit for $30,000. She bought her hot ticket at 7-Eleven #35490 at 500 North Union Avenue in Havre de Grace.
“It could have been you,” “Miss Blue Moon” quipped to her fiancé when the pair stopped by Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim her winnings. All joking aside, he said, he is happy about her good fortune.
The 54-year-old winner plays using a combination of quick-pick numbers and specific selections based on birth dates and other personally important digits. She went with five draws in the Dec. 4 drawing, paying the extra dollar for each to include the Megaplier option. Her $15 wager paid a solid return when four of the five regular numbers and the Mega Ball matched on her ticket. The Megaplier number for Dec. 4 was 3, tripling the $10,000 prize.
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