Pain Reliever Purchase Puts Player in Lottery Winner’s Circle

Claims $50,000 top prize on Holiday Cash scratch-off game
His wife’s need to restock her supply of pain reliever put a Glen Burnie man in the right place at the right time to scoop up both her medicine and a $50,000-winning Holiday Cash scratch-off.
His journey to good fortune began when the pair were shopping and his wife mentioned running out of her pain reliever. Unfortunately – or perhaps fortunately – the item was not on sale. They also lacked a coupon so the pair agreed to delay the purchase. They later found a Giant grocery coupon for the pain reliever, which came to mind when the federal employee took off work for a medical appointment near Giant #141 in Glen Burnie.
While he was making the purchase, he also decided to try his luck with a combination of scratch-offs. He bought a $10 ticket, two $2 games and one $5 instant ticket and scratched them all off at the store. He was stunned midway through the $5 Holiday Cash game when he revealed its $50,000 prize.
“I’m staring at it and I put it on the [ticket checker] machine,” he said. The message confirming his $50,000 win didn’t convince him, so the scratch-off fan took the top-prize winning ticket to his regular Lottery retailer. That store confirmed his win and he left with a paper printout documenting his prize.
The couple will share the top-secret win with family and friends by quietly making their holiday gifts nicer. They also plan to give their dog

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