Sleepless Night Gives Nurse a Trio of Winning Racetrax Numbers

Claims $13,323 prize on Trifecta wager
A registered nurse just made her second visit to the Maryland Lottery Winner’s Circle in Baltimore, courtesy of Racetrax and a night spent fighting insomnia. The loyal player picked up a check for $13,323 – not bad for a visit to the virtual track and a welcome follow-up to her $125,000 Racetrax score last year.
“Even before I won that big one, Racetrax was my favorite game,” said the Owings Mills resident. A sleepless night played a role in her latest win. The mother of six was having trouble falling asleep, which worried her because she was scheduled to work a lengthy shift at the hospital the following day.
“I kept looking at my clock, frustrated that I was still awake,” she said. “The last time I remember seeing was 11:56 p.m.”
The next day, she remembered those numbers when she stopped at Common Brook Liquors in Owings Mills for her Racetrax ticket. Although unhappy at seeing the clock’s time the night before, she hoped her insomnia might somehow turn out to be a good thing.
“I needed a combination to play and the 11:56 just popped into my head,” she said. “I said to myself, ‘Maybe it’ll be lucky.’ ”
The Baltimore County woman placed a 20-draw Trifecta bet that horses numbers 11, 5 and 6 would finish a race in that exact order. After checking the results, the 72-year-old was stunned to see the 11, 5 and 6 combination.
“It was so exciting!” she said. “I immediately thanked God

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