Christmas Scratch-off Surprise Awaited Eastern Shore Horseman

Franklin Milby of Cordova plans to invest his $50,000 scratch-off prize into his Eastern Shore farm.
Claims $50,000 win on Monopoly game
Franklin Milby of Talbot County is an early riser, which is a necessity for folks in the horse business. Even on Christmas morning, the 40-year-old rose before the sun to look after the quarter horses and trotters in his care.
That early start gave him time to buy coffee at Fast Stop at 9543 Ocean Gateway in Easton before joining his family to celebrate the holiday. It also made possible his visit to the Maryland Lottery Winner’s Circle to claim a $50,000 Monopoly scratch-off prize.
“I can’t tell you why I picked Monopoly to play,” said Franklin. “I just got three of them and headed home.” After scratching off his first two instant tickets, the Cordova resident was pleased to find $50 wins on each.
“I figured there was no way the third could be a winner after getting $100 on the first two.” Franklin had a big surprise coming his way!
“I’m generally a calm person, which helps with the horses, so I didn’t get too crazy when I saw it.  But I was plenty excited.” When he showed his winning Monopoly scratch-off to his parents, Franklin said his mother was overjoyed. His father’s reaction? “Dad told me that this sure outclassed the Christmas gift they’d gotten me!”
Franklin plans to put his winnings into his farm. He told us that this is the second helping hand that the Maryland Lottery has provided

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