Lack of Lucky Feelings Leads to $100,000 Scratch-off Win

Baltimore woman claims top prize on $100,000 Crossword game
A loyal Maryland Lottery player can thank her lack of intuition for a $100,000 top-prize win on a $100,000 Crossword scratch-off.
The state employee picks up a Lottery ticket or two just about every day on the way to work, she told officials after claiming her prize. The Baltimore resident often gets feelings about certain Pick 3 or Bonus Match 5 number combinations from time to time and plays those numbers. When her intuition keeps mum, however, she settles for a scratch-off.
Having received no “guidance” on the day of her lucky purchase, the 55-year-old picked out a $100,000 Crossword scratch-off. “I’ve played the game a few times in the last couple of weeks, and I think I’ve won on each of them,” she said. The Lottery fan had no such luck with her first two purchases from the One Stop Food Store at 23 North Howard Street in Baltimore.
“The first one wasn’t a winner so I got one more,” she said. “That one was no good, either, so I decided that one more was all I’d get.” That third $100,000 Crossword instant ticket did the trick.
“My heart started beating so fast,” the winner said. “I had to steady myself on the counter when I saw the $100,000.”
Unsure of whether or not she was seeing things, the player asked the store’s owner to confirm her good fortune. “He ran it through the machine, looked up at me and nodded his head, smiling.” After the

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