4 Useful Ways to Segment Your Subscriber List

It’s important to not only have a subscriber list, but to understand it and make the most of it. What content brings in users? Why do certain users engage more than others? Who is under-engaged on this list, and how do you reach them?
Cue segmentation. By segmenting your user list in various (and simultaneous) ways, you can create new lists to target with specific email marketing tailored to them. At FeedBlitz, this is all about working with tagging and groups.
Tags are information about subscribers, from their name and location to how they joined your email list. Groups are static lists of user email you create to help shape your mailings, independent from any mailing lists you create. Below we’ll look at using both to create better emails.
1: Target Your Top Subscribers
It’s important to know who consistently opens your emails when you send them. These are your top subscribers, and by creating segmentation that includes them, you’ve got the perfect group for testing and rewarding engagement.
Here at FeedBlitz, we automatically produce a “Hot List” segmentation for you of all the users who have high engagement levels – engaging with 2/3rds or more of your mailings. You can also set a date if you’re looking for longtime users or your entire pool. This top subscriber list is great for:

Survey and gather important feedback from subscribers.
Test new product releases with an engaged audience.
Send rewards to loyal customers.
Exclude top subscribers to focus on engaging others.

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