Crofton’s ‘Crab Baiter’ Nets $50,000 Instant Ticket Prize

Crofton’s “Crab Baiter” wins regularly playing scratch-offs, but never as much as his $50,000 prize on a $15,000,000 Cash Payout! instant ticket

Scratch-off fan says this is his biggest win to date
 A few years back, an Anne Arundel County player mistakenly thought he had won $50,000 playing Maryland Lottery scratch-offs. For that reason, when he won a top prize of $50,000 over the weekend in the $15,000,000 Cash Payout! game, he scanned the scratch-off four times just to make sure he really won!
The player, who goes by the alias “Crab Baiter” because he is an avid crabber, enjoyed his pinch of good luck this time. He and his wife stopped by Lottery headquarters in Baltimore on Feb. 4 to claim his prize. The scratch-off fan said the $50,000 prize is not his first, but it is by far his biggest win.
The 67-year-old enjoys scratch-off games, he says, because, “I’m an instant kind of guy!” His wife can attest to that fact. “Crab Baiter,” she says, takes his time playing instant tickets. He has a system that involves playing scratch-offs from the same game, one after another, until he wins. The Crofton resident sticks with games that cost $5 or less. While he often wins a few dollars, he has picked up prizes in the $500 to $1,000 range over the years.
“I’m pretty lucky!” he said. Winning is an added bonus for the “Crab Baiter” because he enjoys scratching off games and anticipating prizes. Plus, he likes to enter non-winning scratch-offs into

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