Eastern Shore Man Wins $50,000 Bonus Match 5 Prize

Quick-pick numbers deliver big win to loving grandfather 
A 72-year-old grandfather from Maryland’s Eastern Shore who named Bonus Match 5 as one of his favorite Lottery games declared, “I play when I feel like it.” His decision to play on Jan. 25 certainly paid off because he won $50,000 on a ticket purchased at Universal Preston in Preston.
The retired custodian takes turns playing Lottery games with his wife. They enjoy Pick 3, Pick 4 and of course, Bonus Match 5. On Jan. 25, the Preston man was not feeling well so his wife purchased tickets and brought them home to him.
The lucky player checked his quick-pick tickets the next day during his morning ritual, which includes breakfast, a cup of coffee and an iPad check of the winning numbers on the Lottery’s website. So that he won’t miss anything, he carefully writes down the winning numbers and then checks them against his tickets. What a surprise to see he matched the winning numbers!
“I told my wife, ‘Oh God, I got them all,’ ” he said. “She was sitting there with me and insisted on seeing for herself. Then she said, ‘Oh you do!’ ”
The big winner is the father of five adult children and all of them live out of town except for one daughter. He waited to share the news with them. A few days after the win, he phoned his daughter.
“He called a family meeting with me, him and my mom,” said the daughter, smiling. She accompanied her

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