Lanham Man Lands $50,015 Bonus Match 5 Win

Retiree’s random numbers deliver game’s top prize in Jan. 26 drawing
A loyal Lottery player from Lanham who has been a longtime Bonus Match 5 fan has finally wound up a big winner! The retiree won $50,015 in the Jan. 26 drawing on a $2 ticket sprinkled with random numbers he selected.
​The happy winner and his significant other braved foul weatheron Feb. 11 to visit Lottery headquarters in Baltimore and claim theprize.
​“I’m retired from work, I’m retired from fishing and now I’m retired from Bonus Match 5,” he said, laughing. “I chased the Bonus Match 5 and now I caught it and I’m retiring (from the game). I don’t want to give the prize back!”
​An avid fan of the Lottery, the Prince George’s County resident plans to switch to another game. His method for picking his winning Bonus Match 5 numbers was a simple one, he said. The numbers had no personal significance.
​“I pick a couple of numbers in the 30s and I sprinkle a couple of numbers in between the 30s,” he explained. “This win fell in my lap!”
​The winning numbers in the drawing were 14, 23, 35, 36 and 38. There were three lines of numbers on his ticket, and one of them delivered the $50,000 win by matching all five of those numbers. He also won $15 for matching numbers on his other lines. As for his prize, the winner said he would save it for later.
​“We’ll put the money to good use,” said his significant

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