5 Ways to Target and Shape Your Mailings with Groups

Sending targeted mailings to your subscribers is one of the most successful ways to boost open rates, click throughs, and social shares. You’re sending content created specifically for those subscribers, using their owwn language, and based off their previous actions.
The idea of figuring out how to target your subscribers effectively may seem overwhelming, but there’s two key elements that create the perfect environment for easy targeting to take place: tagging and segmentation.
Working with tagging and segmentation allows you to shape the audience of your emails, offering a way to send targeted content to your subscribers with maximum benefits.
To do this effectively, you want to split your mailing lists into subsets characterized by a certain quality. For example, you could create subsets of every subscriber who:

Finished a specific funnel sequence.
Clicked a link in one of your emails.
Attended a previous event.

There’s a lot of room for customization when it comes to creating smaller bundles of your email subscribers. And although extremely beneficial, creating these subsets of subscribers hasn’t always been easy.
Formerly a multi-step process which included many tedious tasks, the idea of sending targeted mailings in this way was often left to the big brands and large-scale email marketing teams.
However, times have changed, cutting this process in half – and largely automating it – with FeedBlitz groups. Now it’s easier than ever to create these subsets of subscribers, opening the door for higher quality email content, better open rates, increased engagement and more.
What are groups?
Groups are a static list of email addresses

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