Should You Use Gifs in Your Emails?

On websites, social media, and even messaging apps, animations are everywhere. Why not have them in your mailings as well? Marketing is all about capturing interest and gifs can be another tool in your arsenal.
If a picture says a thousand words, what does a gif say? Let’s explore how to use animated gifs in your email marketing strategy.
Media in Your Newsletters Improves Engagement
Adding in any kind of media, from images to videos, helps improve the user experience with your email marketing. Newsletters are a way to keep in contact with your customers and subscribers, and showing (not just telling) your news is an excellent way to improve reading times and engagement.
Gifs offer a unique ability to provide a quick animation that tells even more than images but less time-consuming than video. And they can provide entertainment value, to drive home or emphasize a point in your email.
Why Add Gifs to Your Mailings?
Gifs are having a moment, making them a great source for both younger and older readers. Here are some of the ways they can bring extra life to your newsletters.
Movement Catches Attention
We’re wired to pay attention to movement. While static images are easy to skim over and video requires interaction to play, gifs grab attention immediately, allowing you to highlight key content instantly.
Show Off Multiple Products and Services
If you want to cover multiple subjects but don’t want to cram a gallery of images into one email, gifs are a great way of showcasing multiple products, services, or photographs without

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