Honduran Handyman Powers Up Wedding Plans with $100,000 Prize

A Power 8s prize will help this “Honduran Handyman” and his fiancée pay for their upcoming nuptials and launch his own business.

Power 8s game provides unexpected wedding financing for lucky player
“Henry” the handyman from Silver Spring had played Maryland Lottery games nearly every week since he arrived in America two years ago. “I always play to have fun,” Henry said. But once wedding bells were in his future, the 37-year-old Honduran native took a break from his hobby to save up for the big day.
“We had no plans for when and where we would be getting married but we knew we wanted to do it sometime this year,” said “Henry.”
Weeks went by and his fiancée “Heidy” decided to give the love of her life a treat. She cashed her payroll check at Check Cash Depot #51 located at 2305 West University Boulevard in Silver Spring and purchased two $10 Power 8s scratch-offs at the same time.
“He was working so hard and we were doing a great job of saving, so I wanted to do something nice for him,” “Heidy” said. “I gave him one and I kept one and we scratched both tickets at the same time. I couldn’t believe it!”
“Henry” showed “Heidy” his lucky scratch-off and, at first, she thought they won $10,000. When she realized the instant ticket carried the game’s $100,000 top prize, “Heidy” called a family friend to confirm their Lottery luck. The happy couple hid the scratch-off in a safe place and claimed their prize

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