Multi-Match Jackpot Winner Claims His Prize

“C.T.” of the Eastern Shore celebrated his $1.4 million Multi-Match jackpot as he visited the Lottery’s Winner’s Circle on April 16.

Eastern Shore resident wins second Multi-Match jackpot of 2019
How would you handle winning a $1.4 million jackpot on a $2 Lottery ticket? Once you found out would you casually walk out of the store you were in and go back home? Would you sit and take a drink of your coffee, finish watching some reality shows on TV and then visit a disabled neighbor’s home to help tidy up before telling anyone you won?
“C.T.,” a self-employed father of one from Maryland’s Eastern Shore, did exactly those things after learning that he won the jackpot in the April 15 Multi-Match drawing. Most people shout, or clearly display their excitement, but not “C.T.”
His excitement was internal.
“I woke up today thinking about how I would help someone else and I ended the day being blessed beyond my imagination,” said “C.T.” as he visited Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim his prize on April 16. “I scanned my first two tickets; nothing. I scanned my last ticket and I became overwhelmed. I didn’t know what to do, so I went about my day as normal. I promised to help some of my neighbors, so that’s what I did.”
“C.T.” did, eventually, contact two of his neighbors to ask them to accompany him to Baltimore to visit the Lottery office. They were happy to oblige because of their deep affection for “C.T.” and all the hard

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