Business Lunch Keno Wager Gives Family a $100,350 Prize

This lucky Charles County trio is celebrating a $100,350 Keno win on an 8-spot bet with the Super Bonus feature added. Congrats to “Daddy Dave,” daughter “Rae” (right) and friend “Cat.”

Charles County man, family and friend celebrate big win
Lady Luck was following a special Charles County family around Maryland this week. Good fortune came from the Maryland Lottery’s Keno game and from a slot machine at MGM National Harbor.
The winners, who are using aliases to share news of their good fortune, were attending a business lunch at Texas Ribs & BBQ in Waldorf when they decided to play Keno. “Daddy Dave,” his family including daughter “Rae” and a family friend, “Cat,” used eight numbers chosen by “Rae” for their Keno wager. They placed an 8-spot bet for 20 drawings and added the Super Bonus option.
“I like the 10s and that’s what we played,” said “Rae.” Their lucky numbers were 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80.
The group had to go back to work at Clinton Fence Company so they didn’t learn the results of their games until later. “After work, I headed home,” said “Daddy Dave.” “The rest of them went to the MGM National Harbor for a little more fun.”
“Rae,” her mother and “Cat” were enjoying slot machine fun when, to their surprise, they won $2,500. With much excitement, they went to cash out their slots win and “Rae” remembered their Keno ticket from lunch. She scanned it using the ticket checker and the group experienced an

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