Sizzling Hot Scratch-off Win Sends Temple Hills Couple Packing

“Mr. Money Bags” of Temple Hills found a $50,000 top-prize win playing a Hot 5s Hot Streak scratch-off.

Chicago vacation in the works with $50,000 Hot 5s Hot Streak game prize
A scratch-off playing husband-and-wife team from Temple Hills is happily booking a Chicago vacation to enjoy the benefits of the husband’s $50,000 instant ticket prize.
The winner, nicknamed “Mr. Money Bags,” just scored his biggest Maryland Lottery win ever, taking home a top prize on the Hot 5s Hot Streak scratch-off. He was at Lottery retailer S & W Liquors in Temple Hills and reinvested a $35 prize from one game into the purchase of a Pick 4 ticket, two Mega Millions tickets and two Hot 5s Hot Streak scratch-offs.
The graphic designer considers S & W Liquors to be his lucky store because he’s won small prizes of $5 to $10 on different games he bought there in the past. “Mrs. Money Bags” has her own roster of “lucky” Lottery retailers. “I don’t win at that store,” she said.
On the day he found his $50,000 fortune, “Mr. Money Bags” made his purchase and headed home. “I talked to my wife on the phone,” said the 61-year-old. “She was coming home from a doctor’s appointment so I decided to go ahead and play the scratch-offs.”
What he saw on the first of the two $5 Hot 5s Hot Streak instant tickets sent his hopes soaring that the game contained a really big win. “I always hope it’s a big winner,” he said. “I scratched

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