Silver Spring Man’s Racetrax Winnings Go Right to His Wife’s Heart

Still wearing his reflective safety vest, Montgomery County’s Joaquim DaSilva collects his first big Racetrax prize.
Quick-pick luck will help pay off heart surgery bills
Joaquim DaSilva of Silver Spring, who buys Keno tickets several times a week, has worked as shop foreman at a local construction company for over 10 years. Every so often, when the busy supervisor and family man has time, he will grab a quick-pick Racetrax ticket, too.
His chance to play Racetrax came again last Friday. “I was coming home from work and I stopped by my usual Maryland Lottery retailer,” Joaquim said.
The hard-working husband placed a 20-draw quick-pick Trifecta wager at Best One Food Mart in Capitol Heights. Lady Luck singled out the 10, 4, and 9 horses to finish a race in that exact order to give him a Trifecta win. Wouldn’t you know it? Joaquim won $11,967!
“I had just enough time to get a quick pick. I didn’t even check my ticket until I went to the gas station the next day. After I scanned the ticket and it said I won, I asked the cashier to double check, just to be sure!”
The Montgomery County father of three isn’t a stranger to winning big with the Lottery. The 46-year-old has won more than $5,000 playing Keno, which is his favorite game. He plans to spend his prize paying off the medical bills for his wife’s heart surgery and taking her on vacation to Portugal when she feels better.
“I told my wife about my winnings and

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