Lottery Win Jump-Starts Charles County Man’s Plans

Charles County’s Nick Hill celebrates his $50,000 top-prize win on a Holiday Gold scratch-off.

Claims $50,000 top prize on Holiday Gold scratch-off
He lives at home now, said 19-year-old Nicholas “Nick” Hill of Welcome, but not for long!  The $50,000 top-prize winning scratch-off that he claimed at Maryland Lottery headquarters will, he’s confident, be the “driving” force to help him start life on his own.
Nick found his lucky Holiday Gold scratch-off last week after shooting pool with friends at his local watering hole. They like to play at Scott’s Bar II at 7070 Port Tobacco Road in Welcome. While there, the scratch-off fan had noticed an acquaintance playing several Holiday Gold tickets earlier in the evening without having much luck.
“We were leaving when I asked my friend to wait a minute so I could get a scratch ticket,” he said. “It looked to me like she hadn’t won too much, so I figured I’d play the same game. Maybe it was due for a big winner.”
When he scanned his $5 Holiday Gold scratch-off, he could not believe his eyes. “The screen told me that I’d just won $50,000, and there’s no way that could be.” Nick asked his buddy to scan the instant ticket, too, and was amazed to see the same message appear on the scanner. “Looking back, I was much calmer than I thought I’d be. Maybe it was the shock.”
Nick told Lottery officials that he’s not slept too well these last several days. “It’s just so exciting, the

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