Maryland Lottery and Casinos Contribute $1.113 Billion to the State

Lottery narrowly misses all-time record despite pandemic
The Maryland Lottery and the state’s six casinos combined to contribute $1.113 billion to Maryland’s good causes in Fiscal Year 2020, with Lottery profits falling just shy of last year’s record-setting figure in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic. Together, the Lottery and casinos support a wide variety of state programs and services.
In March, during the first few weeks of the pandemic, Lottery sales dipped by nearly 30% before bouncing back during the final quarter of the fiscal year, which ended June 30. Sales topped $2 billion for the third consecutive year and were on track to set a new all-time record if not for the pandemic. Lottery profits to the state totaled $588.7 million, down only $4.5 million (-0.8%) from the all-time record established in FY2019. Lottery profits support the Maryland General Fund, which provides budgets for many programs, including education, the environment and public health and safety services.
Maryland’s casinos were closed from March 16 to June 19 due to the pandemic. Since reopening, the casinos have been limited to 50% of their capacity. Casino gaming revenue contributed $524.6 million to the state, supporting education, the communities and jurisdictions where the casinos are located, Maryland’s horse racing industry and responsible gambling initiatives.
The combined total of $1.113 billion in Lottery and casino contributions to the state is a 15.1% decrease from last year’s record of $1.311 billion.
The Agency’s operating expenses remained low at 3.5% of sales on the Lottery side, and 1.4% of total

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