Healthcare Retiree Claims $1.15 Million Multi-Match Jackpot

Fourth jackpot won in 2020
Learning that you won $1.15 million at midnight can lead to a sleepless night, a lucky Charles County woman discovered after checking the winning numbers in the Sept. 17 Multi-Match drawing.
The ticket she bought at Holiday Liquors in Waldorf gave the 67-year-old the $1.15 million jackpot win plus two $2 prizes and a $20 prize on the same ticket. The $10 ticket she purchased a day before had grown exponentially overnight.
The retired healthcare worker, calling herself “Midnight Magic,” is a devoted Multi-Match player. She has enjoyed occasional wins in the last decade. Each time, the Waldorf woman plays the same $10 ticket with five random sets of numbers, hoping for the big win.
“I’ve won $75, $100 and one time a $3,000 prize, but nothing like this,” said “Midnight Magic.”
The clock was striking midnight when the lucky winner noticed her own stroke of luck. Being up late is something that comes naturally after more than a decade of working night shifts at area hospitals. She pulled out her phone to compare the drawing results with her ticket and could not believe what she saw.
“I had to look at it three times, to really see it clearly. Then I had to call a good friend and share the news, because I couldn’t sleep,” said “Midnight Magic.”
The lucky lady elected to receive the cash option on the prize. She told Lottery officials that the win is a blessing and she plans to use the windfall to pay off bills

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