Luck Strikes at Midnight for Scratch-off Playing ‘Midnite Gambler’

Windsor Mill woman claims $100,000 top prize on Ravens game
In the wee hours of the morning two weeks ago, a loud shriek rang out at a Baltimore County convenience store. The outburst signaled the start of an impromptu celebration by a lucky Maryland Lottery player at 7-Eleven #39546 in Randallstown.
The happy shriek came from a Windsor Mill woman, who had just revealed a $100,000 top-prize win on a $5 Ravens scratch-off.
The federal government employee is calling herself “Midnite Gambler” because of the timing of her big win. The 37-year-old told Lottery officials that while she has played scratch-offs for some time, this is her first significant prize.
The lucky woman and her fiancé stopped at the store after spending a full day celebrating with family members. She decided to try her luck with a $5 Ravens scratch-off and quickly scratched it before heading back to the car. When she finished, “Midnite Gambler” saw something that stopped her in her tracks.
“I just couldn’t believe it. Was this really what I was seeing?” she said.
The scratch-off had a winning number that matched a $100,000 prize. The clerk quickly confirmed the win, using a ticket checker, and “Midnite Gambler” rushed back to the car. When she shared the news with her waiting fiancé, his eyes widened. The astonished man began to shout and pound the dashboard in disbelief, she told Lottery officials.
“Midnite Gambler” said she will use her winnings to pay off debt, including a car loan. “It’s a blessing to now be debt

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