Charles County Resident Claims $40,000 VaxCash Prize

Tabatha Duckett of Charles County claimed a $40,000 prize as the June 6 winner in the $2 Million VaxCash Promotion.

Latest winner to claim is from June 6 drawing.  
The Maryland Lottery has awarded a $40,000 prize in the $2 Million VaxCash Promotion to Charles County resident Tabatha Duckett, who visited Lottery Headquarters on June 8 to claim her prize.
Duckett, the winner in the June 6 drawing, explained that after her initial surprise she was happy to have won a prize just for getting her COVID-19 vaccine. The school custodian said she was unaware of the VaxCash Promotion until she received a phone call from the Maryland Department of Health while cleaning the administrative offices at La Plata High School.
“I don’t even play the Lottery, so this was a huge surprise,” said Duckett.
But the $40,000 incentive wasn’t the reason Duckett signed up to get her COVID-19 vaccination back in March. Throughout the pandemic she and her fellow custodians have kept the school and administrative offices functioning. With the return to in-person education, the school is now bustling with activity.
“Throughout it all we were sanitizing areas, and taking care of the folks that would be in the school, so the virus was always on our minds,” said Duckett.
Those fears hit even closer to home when her husband contracted COVID-19 earlier this year and rode out severe symptoms at home.
“I didn’t want to get sick, and I wanted to protect my grandkids, my mother and my sisters too,” Duckett said, adding that she

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