Child’s Hunger Pangs Lead to $1 Million Lottery Prize

“So Blessed” of Gaithersburg will use part of the money from his $1 million Multi-Match win to invest in his young daughter’s education.

Multi-Match win comes at right time for Gaithersburg dad
Have you ever hungered for a specific food so much you dropped everything to go buy it? A Gaithersburg dad tried to do just that but wound up changing his restaurant destination out of love for his daughter. That change of venue, in turn, led to his $1 million win in the July 5 Multi-Match drawing.
“So Blessed,” as the lucky winner dubbed himself, told Lottery officials he jumped into his car on July 5, with his daughter in the back seat, and was all ready to go buy his meal of choice when it happened. His daughter began crying and begging for chicken wings, which was not even close to the meal he had in mind.
While waiting outside an establishment for chicken wings, “So Blessed” saw the Maryland Lottery logo at a nearby store. He remembered he hadn’t made his Multi-Match purchase yet for the upcoming drawing and went into Germantown Beer & Wine to do so. The 52-year-old always plays his favorite game of Multi-Match, which keeps giving him wins.
“I have had a few $1,000 wins over the years,” “So Blessed” said, “but I have never had a win even close to this!”
The Montgomery County player usually buys tickets and places them in his wallet to check later. The day after the drawing, “So Blessed” sat at his kitchen

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