Salisbury’s ‘King Claw’ Wins Top Prize on $100,000 Extreme Cash Scratch-off

“King Claw” of Salisbury clamped his claws on his $100,000 scratch-off top-prize this week.

Wicomico County man wins entirely unexpected top prize
Advice from a Lottery winner: When things take an unexpected turn, don’t get steamed up — just find a way to go with the flow.
Doing just that became a Salisbury man’s recipe for success when a store clerk’s accidental button press led to his $100,000 Extreme Cash scratch-off top-prize.
The lucky player, a manager at a seafood restaurant, said his strange path to Lottery luck began with a stop at an area convenience store to purchase a few of his favorite games. The winner, who called himself “King Claw,” said it was a mistaken key press that led to purchasing a scratch-off worth $100,000. Instead of his regular purchase, the store clerk accidentally printed out a pair of Powerball tickets for the Aug. 21 drawing. Going with the flow, King Claw scooped up the inadvertent tickets, but decided that he was also going to pick at least one ticket of his own, opting for a $100,000 Extreme Cash scratch-off.
He quickly scratched and scanned the hot-pink $30 ticket, revealing the prize check QR code and placed it under a store scanner and was surprised by what he saw.
The 43-year-old said that when he saw the result he initially thought the scanner was broken.
“At first I was thinking this must be wrong, but after I scanned it again I had to rush out of the store to get some air,” said King Claw.

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