Easton Accountant Stunned by FAST PLAY Win

Claims $50,000 prize on Jackpot Party game
How often does the average person fill up the gas tank? Well, that’s just about how often an Eastern Shore accountant buys a Maryland Lottery ticket. His timing was lucky a week ago, when he saw that his tank was running low just as he neared an Annapolis 7-Eleven. The minutes that followed led to his biggest Lottery win ever — a $50,000 prize!
“Whenever I need to gas up the car, I do it at a station that sells tickets,” said the husband and father. “I usually buy scratch-off tickets and keep going until I win something, and then stop until next time.”
Fortunately for him, 7-Eleven #39502 at 161 Defense Highway in Annapolis was sold out of his favorite scratch-offs that day. “I’ve tried FAST PLAY games a few times in the past and, since I couldn’t find my lucky scratch-off, I figured I’d try them again.”
Reviewing the store’s FAST PLAY selection, the 33-year-old noticed the Jackpot Party game’s progressive jackpot was more than $100,000 and picked that $10 ticket.
“I saw a $10,000 match almost immediately and was stunned. Then, I saw another, and another and another.” Wanting to make sure the $50,000 prize was real, the Easton resident downloaded the Maryland Lottery app to get a conclusive answer.
“It was real. It was really $50,000, but part of me still thought that it couldn’t actually be true,” he said.
That doubt persisted well into the claiming process at Lottery headquarters. Later, in the Winner’s

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