Prince George’s County Man Adds to Retirement With $100,000 Win

“One Man Landscaping” of Lanham is adding to his retirement with a $100,000 top prize win playing the Money Rush scratch-off game.

Lanham resident takes home first top prize on the Money Rush scratch-off game
A Lottery fan from Prince George’s County has added to his retirement fund thanks to a $100,000 scratch-off win on the $10 ticket, Money Rush.
The 53-year-old State Highway Administration employee and landscaping business owner said he enjoys playing a variety of Maryland Lottery games. Going by “One Man Landscaping,” the lucky winner especially likes scratch-off games and decided to play one on Aug. 4 he was on his way to a job site with his SHA supervisor. The two stopped at Dyson’s Store in Brandywine for a quick bite, but “One Man Landscaping” walked out with a lot more.
“I didn’t really see anything I wanted to eat, so I just grabbed a juice,” said the winner. “At the cash register, this bright yellow scratch-off looking like the sun caught my eye.”
That glowing game was the $10 Money Rush ticket, which just launched in July. “One Man Landscaping” bought one — and one was all it took. He scratched the ticket in the car on the way to the job site, but in spite of the summer heat, he was frozen when he saw he won $100,000.
“I saw the 1X below the number I matched, so I’m thinking I won my money back,” he recalled. “But, then I started seeing all these zeroes and I was stuck.”
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